We are thrilled to announce that Tame Your Mane took home 3rd place in this year’s International Fantasy Eyelash Competition!

LashWars-Certif2You can see plenty of pictures from our award winning time at this year’s Lash Wars by visiting our Facebook page. It was a great show and we’re definitely pleased with the results. But rest assured, coming in third only makes us motivated to work even harder to do better next year.

LASH WARS is an annual competition that is hosted by the National Eyelash, Education and Safety Association (NEESA). NEESA was started by a few lash artists who had an extreme passion for the art form, but it has grown into a collaborative group of many amazing Eyelash Extension Professionals from around the world. Many of these professionals are fanatics about the art and are committed to refining programs within the association to help improve the industry. We encouraged you to click on the link above to check out their website to learn more.