newwebblogphotoFor more than 20 years, we’ve been in the business of beauty. So we’re unabashedly experts, but we’re always looking to improve our individual skills and how we do business. We’re certainly proud of all we’ve accomplished over the years, and now we’re pleased with starting a new chapter in how we show off our work to the world at large.

We spent the last week working hard with JMG to re-vamp our web presence. It was a pretty involved process (pun intended). Everyone was great to work with, but we’re particularly thrilled with the all the work put in by their graphic designer, Marcy Smith. Our business is extremely visual by nature. Marcy took that into consideration and went above and beyond to give us a high level of focus and attention to make sure ¬†our services, our team, and our locations got the attention they need and deserve.

The results delivered by the whole JMG team are fantastic. Our new website captures that exciting eclectic vibe that is us. We know our clients enjoy the salon experience we provide, and now we know they’ll also have a good time every time they check in to watch as we continue to rock.