Diva Deville


Duncansville, PA


Greetings, Lap Warming, Stylist Supervising


I have been employed at Tame Your Mane for all eleven years of my life. I have attended all of the in-house continued education classes that have been held at Tame Your Mane. Normally, I fall asleep during the classes, but sometimes I pay attention. I train all of the girls in the salon to take me outside so that I can get a treat, whether I go to the bathroom or not. I specialize in greeting, lap warming, napping and dealing with problem clients. I love spending time with my dad, John, and mom, Julie. I like when we go camping at the lake. I have lots of toys that I enjoy playing with at home and at work. But my absolute favorite thing to do is beg for treats.

It’s a “RUFF” life being a Diva. 🐾