Ramsey Dodson



I presently go to Spring Cove Middle School, I will graduate in 2022. I’m going to start training to do hair when I enter 10th grade. Julie will be my teacher and she happens to be my aunt. I look up to Julie for so many reasons. I hope when Julie decides to retire I can take over and Keep Tame Your Mane, the top salon in our area. I don’t want to do hair just because of my Aunt Julie, I want to because I love to make people look fabulous, and looking fabulous makes people happy. I also think it is fun to meet new people and  a hair salon is a place you meet many people. My favorite thing is watching when the girls at Tame Your Mane are coloring hair.

What I like to do in my free time is work with mannequins heads. I also enjoy riding my RZR. I also have two dogs, Karma and Quest, that I enjoy very much. I love swimming and sing at Blue Knob and traveling with my family.